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Since 1997 Enviremedial Services has recycled hazardous and non-hazardous waste water on DOD installations across the US. Our oil water separator (OWS) management program is one of a kind process which was developed by our founder and CEO. Our original technology has been consistently improved upon to provide the best results for our customers. Our OWS management program has helped our customers save millions of dollars and exceed their waste minimization and pollution prevention requirements.

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Enviremedial Services' transportable treatment units treat contaminated water effectively, ensuring compliance for discharge to sewer or open water. These systems are fully self-contained and are operated by our staff. Set up and breakdown times are minimal and in most cases are ready for operation within 15 minutes of arrival at the site. Mobile Systems make it easy and economical to process water at multiple sites on either the same installation or several installations with just the one system.

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Unlike pumping companies, Enviremedial Services removes and cleans the oil water separator (OWS) effluent by processing it through our mobile recycling units. As the effluent is processed, the water and oil are separated.The water is polished and temporarily stored on-site while the OWS is pressure washed and cleaned. After removal of the sediment/sludge, the stored, clean water is then returned to the OWS. This saves the cost of hauling off perfectly reusable water, as well as the cost of refilling the OWS to operational capacity with city water.

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