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Enviremedial Services' wash rack recycling systems are used  by the U.S military across the nation to fulfill their vehicle and aircraft washing needs. Our systems use an efficient one-pass cycle to reclaim and treat the contaminated water produced by the cleaning process. Depending on the needs of our customers the treated reclaimed water can either be reused for vehice/aircraft cleaning purposes or safely discharged to sewer. Our systems have helped the Military lower costs and decrease their environmental footprint.

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Enviremedial Services, Inc. (ESI) is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Wash Rack Recycling Systems specializing in use for military and industrial applications. ESI’s Wash Rack Recycling Systems were designed in conjunction with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the United States Marine Corps.  One-pass filtration ensures long life of our systems, while other manufacturers systems are required to run nearly 24/7.

Our capabilities include in-house design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction of civil infrastructure for the systems and installation.  ESI’s wash systems are ETL listed as complete devices under ETL listing number 4004242. Each system is custom manufactured to customers’ needs based on the types of vehicles / aircraft requiring washing, the specific wash operations, volumes of vehicles wash over specific time frames, and many other parameters. We have a full manufacturing facility in Pinedale, WY where we employ specialized personnel for the manufacture and assembly of these systems. 




Only ESI has developed complete Remote Monitoring of Wash Rack Recycling Systems. All functions of the system can be viewed and controlled via the internet by ESI or customer-designated personnel. This type of remote monitoring is not only one of a kind, it has proven to lower both preventative maintenance and service call costs and drastically increase system longevity.

As an example, ESI has installed more than 25 systems in the upper mid-west and North East regions of the U.S. During winter months ESI telemetry and monitoring systems have prevented more than 30 unit related instances that would have caused major freeze damage from power outages or unit personnel not securing the containers doors after use in the winter. From U.S Marine Corps estimates, the cost saving is more than $400,000.00 in repair costs.



Enviremedial Services performs Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Service (PMIS) for numerous military facilities and installations throughout the country. Our contracts include inspections as often as required by the specificationcustomer  Whether monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or on an emergency basis, our qualified service technicians visit the sites to complete these preventative maintenance services.

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